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2016 Data Prediction: Shared Data to Provide New Insights

Luke Magerko March 9, 2016

The words “big data” are everywhere. Seemingly every company is looking to harness the power of its data; data scientists are in high demand and many business schools are rapidly developing programs to train data scientists.

Big Data is the next wave of performance improvement and business transformation

Big data is a crucial resource for becoming more efficient and profitable – and it’s a key driver in identifying new opportunities for growth.


Data are woven into every aspect of an organization – from inventory management and financial reporting to even how a company hires its employees.

We at CDS Global see big data as a crucial resource in making our clients more efficient and profitable in their current activities, but more importantly, we also see big data as a key driver in identifying new opportunities for growth.

Let’s first review the big data foundations being laid at CDS Global.

CDS Global maintains relationships with 174 million active, purchasing and permissioned U.S. customers across 565 media brands. The analytic possibilities of this data are endless; however, in order for the data to maximize its potential, we made significant investments in consolidation of the data, cleansing of the attributes and data stewardship. These are somewhat technical terms, but think of it this way:

CDS Global consolidated order management system data into a data lake, which is a large repository where analysts can easily extract data across multiple titles. The data lake allows CDS Global analysts to perform exploratory data analysis (EDA), the most common form of analytics.

You recognize EDA as the simple charts and graphs used daily by most analysts. CDS Global provides EDA and an explanatory meeting to discuss a publisher’s results (free on one title per publisher).

The data lake will be complete end of the first quarter of this year.

CDS Global is cleansing the data – that is, systemically amending or removing data that is incorrect, incomplete or duplicated based upon the rules produced by data stewards. The end result of data cleansing will be an operational data store, which serves as a repository that integrates all our multiple data sources into a “single source of truth.”

A data steward is responsible for the management and suitability of data elements; CDS Global manages clients’ data assets and provides high-quality data that is easily accessible in a consistent manner.

After 43 years of business, CDS Global collected more than 500 terms and definitions in its reporting libraries. The objective of a data steward is to determine the accuracy and efficacy of these terms and how they are used on a daily basis.

In 2016, CDS Global clients will have unprecedented access to their data and new tools to maximize profits and increase acquisition. I will touch on two examples today and elaborate on them in future posts:

Collaborative Data: A next-generation collection of data intelligence built from CDS Global’s unique data assets. This cloud-based, privacy-compliant tool allows marketers and data scientists to make selections, score models and produce high-quality prospects for lower cost of acquisition, increased subscriber rates and higher lifetime value! COMING SOON!

BI/BA Suite: Dashboard-based reporting and analyses designed to help the marketer see his or her audience more clearly in order to identify opportunities and quickly act upon them. The BI/BA suite will be one-stop shopping for all the publisher’s needs, starting with executive-level summary reporting and ending with actionable, detail-level reports.

2016 is the year of big data, and CDS Global will continue to lead the revolution of data analytics in the publishing industry and beyond.

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