Michelle McDonald

Chief Service Officer


Michelle McDonald is the chief service officer at CDS Global and is responsible for the day-to-day operations and contact centers. She brings a strong focus of operational excellence and continuous improvement to our integrated business processes. She also oversees client services for our nonprofit, utility, healthcare, banking, and education business.

McDonald partners with clients to optimize their business processes, finds solutions to complex business problems and enhances their engagement with customers and donors. A few projects she has successfully managed include omni channel integration, contact strategy optimization, and predictive data modeling.

McDonald began her career at CDS Global in 1995 and has served in several leadership roles including operations, customer service, and client services. Most recently, she served as vice president of client services and handled supplying day-to-day consultative services to a large portfolio of non-profit, utility, media, and consumer product brands. She was also involved in solution implementations on the CDS Global digital platform, eCommerce, and system integrations with our clients and their partners. McDonald earned her business degree from the University of Iowa.