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In today’s fast-moving, information-driven market, creating meaningful and seamless interactions with customers is challenging and more essential than ever.

CDS Global offers industry-leading, data-powered solutions to help maximise your customer interactions, ensure customer engagement, build brand loyalty and grow revenue.

  • Customer Services

    Protect your most important asset – your customers – while turning interactions into opportunities to enhance your brand and grow your revenue.

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  • Data Solutions

    Effectively target your audience with powerful solutions that use customer, transactional and demographic data to create personalised communications, and use robust business intelligence and reporting solutions to translate data into valuable insight to make informed decisions.

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  • eCommerce

    Increase your sales, generate more traffic and boost customer engagement while simplifying operations and reducing costs with CDS Global’s effective eCommerce solutions.

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  • Mailing Services

    Reduce costs, shorten turnaround times and increase customer satisfaction by turning to CDS Global for complete printing and mailing services for customer communications of all types.

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  • Marketing Solutions

    Take advantage of CDS Global’s easy, flexible solutions to leverage valuable customer information, extend your communication reach, improve marketing results and generate more revenue.

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  • Telemarketing Solutions

    Targeted communications and confirmations not only ensure continued interaction with your customers, but they also offer you the ability to provide important account information, offer immediate payment options and even cross-sell or up-sell to another product or service.

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  • Order Management & Fulfilment

    Manage customer acquisition, engagement and retention with powerful tools that simplify the process of fulfilling orders and subscriptions.

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  • Payment Solutions

    Improve service while decreasing costs and boosting profitability with CDS Global’s flexible payment processing solutions.

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  • Warehousing & Distribution

    Efficiently warehouse, fulfill and distribute orders to customers using CDS Global’s full-service warehousing and distribution solutions that exceed expectations and protect your bottom line.

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