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Working together

Management Advisory Board

Our Management Advisory Board (MAB) was set up to ensure our strategic vision was aligned with our clients. We meet twice a year with a packed and varied agenda and the official annual board meeting taking place in May as part of a 2-day event.

We use the MAB to discuss opportunities and threats to our businesses. We talk about how we see our industry transitioning over the coming years and what we need to do collaboratively to ensure mutual success.

Industry and technology experts present ideas and vision, updates on roadmap deliverables are presented and industry benchmarking and trends are discussed.

The MAB is a great opportunity to build long-standing relationships with peers in the industry whilst ensuring a path to success.


Client Collaboration Group

The Client Collaboration Group (CCG) was initially formed in early 2020 as the pandemic started and was a fortnightly meeting to discuss common issues our publishers were experiencing or wanted to mitigate. Later that year we switched the frequency to monthly and changed the approach to discuss a different topic each meeting, which is voted for by the members.

We have had numerous meetings and discussed a range of topics including customer feedback, engagement, churn quick fixes, opportunities and threats and more recently strategic changes.

Roadmap Update

A quarterly update to provide our clients with the latest on our roadmap and product developments. The team walk through progress, expected release dates and future products and services.


Industry Metrics and Benchmarking

Unlock Your Competitive Edge with Industry Metrics and Benchmarking

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires more than just industry knowledge; it demands data-driven insights and strategic decision-making. That's where industry metrics and benchmarking come into play.

Industry metrics and benchmarking provide a valuable compass for businesses, enabling them to gauge their performance against industry peers and identify opportunities for growth. By comparing your key performance indicators (KPIs) to industry standards and best practices, you gain a clear picture of where your organisation stands and what steps are needed to excel.


Why Industry Metrics and Benchmarking?

At CDS Global we understand the power of industry metrics and benchmarking. Our comprehensive solutions empower organisations navigate complex markets, drive innovation, and deliver sustainable growth. Whether you're a startup aiming to disrupt the status quo or an established enterprise seeking to maintain your leadership position, our industry metrics and benchmarking services provide the strategic foundation you need to thrive.

Don't leave your success to chance. Embrace the insights offered by our industry metrics and benchmarking and propel your business towards a brighter, more competitive future.

Strategic Insights

Industry metrics reveal critical insights into market trends, customer behaviour, and emerging opportunities, helping you make informed strategic decisions.

Performance Evaluation

Benchmarking allows you to assess your performance objectively, highlighting areas for improvement and optimisation.

Risk Mitigation

Tracking metrics helps you spot potential risks and proactively address them, enhancing your resilience.

Resource Allocation Make data-driven decisions about resource allocation, optimising budgets, and investments for maximum impact.