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CDS are one of the best subscription bureaus I have ever had the privilege to work with. Problems
are resolved quickly and the team are always on hand to work with you to ensure subscribers get the
best service possible. The team are committed and loyal and they feel like an arm of our business. I
would recommend CDS to anyone wanting a fulfilment house who just get on with it. They
understand what is required in the complicated world of subscriptions and they always deliver. If you
are in the business of subscriptions then make CDS part of your solutions.

Amanda Davison-YoungCEO, The Tablet Publishing Company



"CDS have been a great partner for us. We’ve experienced the complications and frustrations that
sometimes come with subs management but since we have been with CDS we’ve had a steady
partner who we know are ready to handle any growth we might enjoy. Even though they have many
much larger clients it doesn’t feel as though we sit behind them in terms of priorities. And its great to
be involved and included in the many collaborative cross client initiatives that are put together. We
consider CDS to be a cornerstone of our business."

Tom FicklingManaging Director, The Phoenix Comic



We have been working with CDS for many years now and have constantly been pleased with them.
We have had many excellent Account Managers, and our current one Gabi, is very proactive and has
impressed us with her ideas on how to constantly grow and improve. As market leaders in their field,
they are always ahead of the curve as far as new technology and innovation goes and therefore we
know that we are running our products on and with the most up to date and efficient platforms and
practices. We have very regular meetings with both our Account Manager and Eric and Mark so we
know where we are always up to speed on how we are performing which is very reassuring in such a
changeable and fast evolving marketplace.

Roger WilliamsAssociate Publisher Hello!



“CDS Global is a valued partner to Time, providing fulfilment and customer service for EMEA, Asia, South Pacific and Latam. CDS met the challenges of supporting our international business head-on, and thanks to their continued support and expertise we are able to sell in multiple currencies, print and distribute to many countries, and successfully run a complex segmented renewals strategy with both mailings and automatic renewal. Their experienced Account Management Team is always ready to help. I also like that CDS builds a community of their clients, and encourages the sharing of ideas.”

Helen RekhiHead of Subscription, Time



“In the last few years, since moving over to CDS, we have greatly appreciated their quick responses and the hard work of our account management team. They have always been pro-active in finding solutions for us that fit our smaller business with a tailored, personalised approach. They have been the perfect partner for us to work with in order to grow and make the most out of our specific audiences.”

Justin FoxDavid Hall Publishing



"We’re pleased to have CDS as our subscriptions and customer service partner. They are innovative, responsive, and offer the highest standards of quality and data integrity. We are delighted to have them as part of our extended Saga team.

Dan WhitehouseCommercial Director, Saga Publishing



"I have had the pleasure of working with CDS for a couple of years now. Mark and Eric are always open with communications and new developments, whilst ever growing and adapting positively in what is an everchanging landscape across the print and digital publishing world. A very strong account management team with key data reporting available, experienced subscription insights and very efficient customer services teams too. A wonderful subscription company who I would always recommend."

Yvonne DwerryhouseAPL Media



“CDS are a valued extension to our team and an excellent subscription handling house. Our account managers, Rachel and Wendy are efficient, responsive and make every effort to resolve and answer any issues we may have. CDS are forward thinking and innovative, always seeking ways to improve the subscription experience. The joint collaboration with other publishers under their umbrella is a great experience. Look no further than CDS for your subscription needs.”

Jane GeogheganMarketing Manager, Eye to Eye Media



“CDS Global have been a vital part of our subscriptions success and strategy. Always willing to find solutions that fit our needs and provide a high-quality level of service. The team are incredibly knowledgeable, making the complex process of managing subscriptions, look simple. They have been a key partner for our business for well over a decade, I highly recommend working with them.”

Dan TuttonGroup Marketing and Subscriptions Manager, Practical Publishing

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