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Industry Leading Digital Solutions

At CDS Global, we are committed to delivering industry-leading digital solutions that accelerate business outcomes.

Whether you're seeking to enhance brand engagement, optimise purchase journeys, or facilitate real-time digital access/management capabilities, our comprehensive suite of digital products is here to guide you every step of the way.


Maximise your membership, subscription and product sales through an ever-evolving, feature-rich ecommerce checkout solution.

  • Leverage a comprehensive suite of integrated features
  • Promote flexible payment capabilities
  • Orchestrate personalised purchase journeys
  • Deliver targeted, dynamic price points
  • Enable acquisition, renewal, upgrade and trial propositions
Digital Access Management

Provide your customers with a frictionless, real-time digital experience across a range of devices using our one of our robust digital entitlement solutions.

  • Promote real-time access to digital content
  • Curate personalised digital journeys for your customers
  • Orchestrate bespoke journeys using dynamic data points
  • Seamlessly integrate consuming applications
Identity Management

Promote a seamless authentication experience across all of your digital journeys and consolidate your approach to password management through a secure Single Sign-On (SSO) solution.

  • Allow users to seamlessly authenticate across all websites/applications
  • Support language localisation capabilities
  • Utilise federated social authentication channels
  • Integrate your existing Single Sign-On (SSO) solution
Journey Orchestration

We understand that the curation of personalised customer experiences is paramount in maximising conversions and ensuring continued brand engagement. Our diverse portal empowers businesses to construct flexible purchase journeys, deliver dynamic content/messaging and promote a diverse range of functionalities in accordance with their users’ behaviour.

  • Orchestrate brand-centric digital experiences with personalised content
  • Configure bespoke features in accordance with business needs
  • Deliver bespoke marketing content based on user behaviour/selections
Third Party Integrations
  • AFD
  • Cybersource
  • GBG
  • PugPig
  • Sprylab
  • Zephr

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