CDS Global provides an end-to-end solution to meet all of your order and subscription management needs, from handling inbound orders and recurring billing to warehousing and delivery of premiums.

CDS Global’s powerful fulfilment capabilities help you effectively manage new sources for inbound subscriptions and successfully market to all channels for your print and digital content, in turn driving revenue and your bottom line. Our order management systems offers flexible entitlement and digital billing options to effectively manage your subscription business. Acquire and cultivate your existing customers with ease by taking advantage of the nimble subscription models and retention tools available to your customers at the time of acquisition and during their customer lifecycle.

Regardless of acquisition channel, CDS Global's subscription management solutions ensure that your customers’ order and payment information is effectively managed, simplifying the process for you.

Features and functionality:

  • Subscription Models
  • Time-based Access
  • Automated Billing & Retention Tools
  • Promotional Periods (Trials)
  • Selection Services
  • Status Management
  • Pricing Models
  • Revenue Recognition

Beyond order management, our full-service warehousing and distribution solutions combine our fully integrated, state-of-the-art warehouse management system and unmatched mailing services to handle all of your product fulfilment needs with ease.


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