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Member SErvices

When members contact you, they want a smooth, uncomplicated encounter. CDS Global offers the valuable experience, reliable technology and highly qualified personnel to efficiently and effectively communicate with your members.

Our UK based member services teams provide unparalleled service with a familiar and professional approach. They dedicate themselves to your organisation's business needs and become an extension of your brand.

CDS Global's comprehensive member services enables your members to manage their accounts online. Provide your members with a single, consolidated view of all their purchase activity across your brand, and allow them to update information, make payments and view order and account information.

In addition to multichannel support through telephone, SMS, Web chat, online, email and mail, our member services provides real-time opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell, pulling from historical purchase data to promote new products, increase member loyalty and generate additional revenue for your business.

Member services support features:
  • Up-selling & Cross-selling
  • Telephone Customer Services
  • Email & SMS Support
  • White Mail Customer Services
  • Online Customer Services Portal
  • Knowledge Base
  • Call Recording
  • Social Media Support, including Twitter and Facebook
  • Web Chat

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